Sustainability & Suppliers


Here in the studio we try our best to ensure that all of our materials are either recycled, recyclable or at the very least - re used!

Although our parcels can look a little random every now and then due to some of them being re used, we still want our packages to look gorgeous and bring you that joy of receiving a gift in the mail! So don’t worry about missing out on that!

Here’s a breakdown of some of the materials we use in packing your orders!


Tissue Paper - We wanted to make sure that our tissue paper wasn’t only cute but also recyclable! So we made sure to work with a company that could ensure us that this was possible. So feel free to throw your tissue paper in the recycling bin after re-using it!

Cardboard Boxes - Our boxes are part new and part re-used. Some may look slightly better than others due to their second chance in life but they all work perfectly well can all be recycled! So if your package arrives a little battered, rest assured that it’s only because we have given it a new purpose!

Packing Peanuts - Our biodegradable packing peanuts are always re purposed when we receive large orders from our suppliers- we never order them in new. And be double assured that we always contact our suppliers to confirm that they are in fact biodegradable and can be disposed of on your compost bin or when soaked in water!

Shredded Paper - Our shredded paper is made by us, using papers we find in the studio and shred them to give them a new lease of life! Always recyclable!

“Plastic” Sleeves - Our biodegradable “plastic” artwork sleeves are made of start happening and other natural materials, including the adhesive seal! So they can be disposed of in your compost bin! We get them from a small family run business and love supporting them in lessening the use of plastic in other small businesses!

Glassine Bags - Our white, see through bags are made of paper and have an adhesive made of natural materials, meaning the entire piece can be recycled!

Fragile Tape - Our black and white fragile paper tape have been designed by us in a collaboration between Maya Doyle (uschie) and Hi Cacti. Made exclusively for them to use in their packaging (and us too!). The tape is made of natural materials that can be recycled! We think this is great as most adhesive tapes can’t be recycled in your local bin!

Branding Stickers - As well as our tape, our scalloped branded stickers are also made with natural adhesives and recycled paper. They can be disposed of in your local recycling bin with the rest of your cardboard!

Bubble Wrap - All of our bubble wrap is re purposed, never bought new. We rescue them from deliveries and have our friends donate theirs too (as they know we’ll always make good use of it!). This is the only plastic/ non recyclable material we use when shipping your orders and we do our best to avoid it as much of possible but we are happy to take it away from landfill and re use it as much as we can. So we ask that you do the same!

Although most of our items can be recycled or biodegradable, we encourage everyone to re use them as much as they can before disposing of them!



As a business, we have several suppliers and companies that we rely on to keep us going. We work with large companies to small, family run businesses.

When we can, we always opt to work with local, UK brands so support our local economy and reduce our carbon footprint.

Although this is not a full list, here’s a few businesses we support and rely on to keep uschie running!


Stampa (Brighton Local)

Colourfast (Brighton Local)

Dopple Press (Brighton Local)

Eco-Craft (UK based)

Awesome Merchandise (UK based)

Pottery Crafts (UK based)

Bath Potters (UK based)

Avery Print (UK based)

Raja Pack (UK based)

uschie print by Maya Doyle being printed at the Dopple Press studio in Brighton, UK. uschie print by Maya Doyle being printed at the Dopple Press studio in Brighton, UK.